At HydroChemPSC, “Promise Me” is a commitment that goes beyond a promise to the company or even to yourself—it’s a promise to your loved ones. It’s a promise that you will be safe today, to walk your daughter down the aisle, to coach your son’s little league team, or simply to take your wife out to dinner. In short, it’s a promise to live for everything we enjoy when our shift ends.

To some, a promise is something said when they really mean it. But to a few small communities across the country, a promise could be the difference between life and death. These heartfelt films illustrate the power of a promise, and what it means to the families who wait and wonder if their parent or spouse is going to make it home from one of the country’s most dangerous jobs.

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“Promise Me” is also part of three core and crucial values at HydroChemPSC: People, Safety, Caring. That’s why it’s more than just a line on a website, it’s our culture. And we promise to uphold it every day for those we love.

One more smile from their daughter. One more dinner with their wife. One more chance to put their baby to bed. These are the moments that motivate thousands of brave people to put their promises into practice each day. Watch these emotional portraits as they face their jobs each day armed only with a promise to their families.

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